To Forget

I wish I could remember what I did before I died the first time. Or the time after that. Why am I so certain I’ve died before? I can’t remember but it feels like I’m not young; Not as young as I currently am. I want to know the people of my life. From every […]

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Two Sides of the Same Coin

When you’re in a group but you still feel alone.. That’s when you know you’re not with who you need to be with. I hate being with people, they drain me until there’s no more of me left. They discard my husk of a body, After they’ve consumed my energy, my thoughts. The more time […]

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Eyes that Cry

Her eyes are the pinnacle of her expressions They speak louder than words Express more than a painting. They scream out When her mouth cannot open When the lump in her throat makes it hard to breathe. His eyes never leak in front of others He always restrains his feelings and Holds the oceans at […]

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Heart of Glass

With every crack, it gets harder to breathe. With every scratch, the ever present ache becomes stronger. Even more unbearable. That walls that contain my heart are crumbling, exposing the glass. Now I can feel every hit, every crack. The hammer slammed against the walls of my crystalline heart. Until the glass became powder Until […]

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Second Guessing

Do they want my input? Or are they just being nice? I offer my honesty Only to be shunned Pushed aside Made unimportant So I slowly left the conversation. Gradually disappeared until Nothing was left.

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Go Away

Through a text… Or through my dms… Even in my dreams… It seems like you can’t leave me alone… You always find a way back once I’ve finally kicked you out, Out of my life Out of my mind. Go away. I’m better off without you You’re manipulative and mean But also kind and mature […]

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The birds chirped happily as I watched the sun begin to break into the sky, the darkness being taken over by light. The sun turns the dark, muted shades of night into powder blues, pinks, reds, and orange of dawn, and so I put my phone down only to admire this change. This change is […]

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